Friday, November 24, 2006

California Here I Come

My sweet sister is giving me a ride to California to pick up my stuff. It will be a quick turnaround trip. I'll try and post from the road and give updates.

It is really nice of her to do this on her long weekend off. Sisterly love, can't beat it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kath,

Guess you haven't had time to post a note that you got your and sound.

We left Boise at 9am and 12 hours later we pulled into our driveway. It was a long trip but I slept a lot of it. We went around thru Salt lAKE cITY. extra 150 miles that way. But now we know for sure.

I'm glad we made the trip to be with you guys for Thanksgiving. Lots of driving for such a short stay. Thanks again for loading in some 'favorites' for me and showing me how to download pictures from my camera. Thanks also...again...for the thing that does it. Later I will try to find my lost pictures. If not I will try to download them again. Scary!

Had turkey leftovers for lunch...had ham for breakfast. I guess I'll have to cook tomorrow. hehehe

Hope you guys are having a fun trip. Oh mistake I have the coat that Dave gave you and mine is in Boise. Will mail it back to you Monday. Dave tried today but it was closed.

Love you guys! Mom

Niki said...

Right on sister Susan. Have a fun trip! I see yu when yu get home. the highway's open. It's 40 below but stop by anyway! It's toocool to see our mom commenting. I miss you all. love, nik