Friday, November 10, 2006

Slow wireless connection

I am sitting in the hallway of the Rimrock Bowling alley trying to get a strong wireless connection. So far I tried the bar, the bowling alley, the cafe and now the hallway. My friend has a Verizon wireless card on hers and she has no problem. That might be what I need because this is frustrating. If uploading pictures doesn't work tonight I will try an internet cafe tomorrow.

We are now at a full hook-up RV park that is really nice. We are thinking about staying another night so we can celebrate Veterans Day here and head back to northern Idaho Sunday. Its starting to get a bit cold and there was even some snow on the chaser car (the car that RVers pull) windshield this morning.

Nope, pictures won't work and I'm tired of this. If this does post HELLO WORLD!


Anonymous said...


Love from Boise,
Sistah Sue

Anonymous said...

Hi Kath...did you get my comment the other nite? Had to call Jimmy to teach me how to send it...or whatever you call it. Twice I've written long notes that got lost. I'm bringing my laptop to
Boise for Thanksgiving and you can teach me the things I need to know. I can't even seem to get on the hotmail site to set up for e-mail. Nothing looks the same and no matter what I do nothing happens. So frustrating. I have Verizon and it seems to work OK except sometimes it's almost as slow as my old cell phone account. Ever since I loaded the norton anti-virus program things don't move as fast. I hope you are enjoying your trip. See you in a couple of weeks. Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy,

Did you win?

Thought you might get into some bad weather where you were. Snow or rain...rain is better...but sunshine is better yet!

I talked to Nordica last week-end. She said she would be in Boise for Thanksgiving. What a nice time we will have!

Got to go...have fun with your friends...glad you are warm again.

Anonymous said...

Did you get my message? I never know.