Monday, November 20, 2006

Fish Taxi Sportfishing and Boat Charter call 1-800-593-1234

Oceanside Harbor is a great Deep Sea and Sportfishing destination in San Diego county Southern California.
Please join me, Capt. Don Nelson on my 6 passanger [6 pack ] charter boat, a 32ft. Radovich Sportfisher, the Fish Taxi, in pursuit of :

the Tuna; Albacore, Big Eye, Blue Fin and Yellow Fin

the Shark; Mako shark and Thresher shark

the Jack Fish; Yellow Tail and Dorado

the coastal collection; Calaco Bass, Halibut and White Sea Bass just to name a few.

You will not be needing tackle because along with the action is plenty of equipment like Penn and Shimano reels and poles, live bait, and lots of proven jigs like Tady, Bait-o-matic and Rapala .

So hook up and join us on the beautiful pacific for an offshore or coastal adventure.

Welcome aboard mate !!!

oh. my. goodness. I need to save my money and go fishing on a real Fish Taxi boat!


K said...

Beware fishing for sharks. If they aren't immediately filleted correctly they urinate into their flesh, ruining the meet. ((Icky))

When I managed the charter business in Homer several years ago I learned that little tid-bit. I also learned that only around half of Homer's fleet knew this. (((Even Ickier)))

They're really exciting to catch though, or at least watch someone else catch! haha

Anonymous said...

wow - I didn't know about sharks and the consequences of incorrect filleting... very interesting blog..

FishTaxi said...

K-I've heard that about sharks. Thanks for pointing that out.

EofO- Thanks for stopping by and for your comment!