Sunday, November 19, 2006

Missing my Suitcases

Sure hope I get my stuff soon. After hearing no word from the "motorhome people" she finally called Saturday. Appears they are in Reno with my suitcases still on board. I asked about meeting them half way and she said no way. It was my fault because apparrently she thinks I left all my stuff on purpose.

What a mess. We talked about putting them on a Greyhound bus from Reno to Boise but I'm worried about my laptop. That could walk away easy. Then she never called back anyway.

Every day that goes by I'm getting further away from getting my stuff back.


K said...

I hate to say this but at this point I would file a suit in small claims.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to avoid that and calling the police. My mom is coming to Boise for TD and I might see if I can get a ride back with her, get my stuff, and take a bus back.

Thats if I can find them!

Thanks Kiana and Heidi for your concern. I'm handling this the best I can. My SIL took me to St. Vincent Depauls and I got some clothes and shoes. Then to Walmrt for personal stuff. All to the tune of a hundred bucks.

When Yukon called her laptop couldn't get wireless and she thought I did something to it. I thought I knew her better than that.

Niki said...