Thursday, November 30, 2006

Veronica Page

The reason I'm staying in Anchorage a couple of days and not heading straight back home is my good friend Aneda's birthday is today.

Tonight we are going to Blues Central and having dinner before the Veronica Page Band starts at 9:30pm.

I got a sneak peek earlier. She's got a powerful voice and a great band behind her. Her performance of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" reminded me of Kacey Jones (one of my new found favorite singers thanks to Whole Wheat Radio).

More on her keyboard player coming up soon.

Whenever I get a chance to listen to live music I do. I've been told I'll be allowed to take pictures of the band, too!

Sooooo Happy Birthday Aneda!


Anonymous said...

call me collect tonight before 8pm

FishTaxi said...

Hey DoDo!

You signed up at step is getting your own Blog!

Now that you are retiring you will have the TIME. Congrats Sister!


Niki said...

I thought the Page band was great! I never go out anymore but I was sure glad I went to see Tom's band that night. I'm going to see if they will play at the music-art festival we're planning. What do you think? I also hope we can entice WWR to come and maybe broadcast live...

Hi DoDo!