Monday, February 26, 2007

Lake Louise Burbot

Mr. FishTaxi cooked up the Burbot he caught at Lake Louise last 4th of July. Burbot is a freshwater Ling Cod.

Like its saltwater relatives the Burbot has a mild tasting white meat.

The Burbot (Lota lota) is often considered too ugly to be worth an anglers time.

In some circles the Burbot is considered the poor man's lobster when boiled and dipped in butter. We went for a variation of the Deep Fat Fried Burbot in beer batter.
According to FishAlaska magazine the record holder Burbot in Alaska was at Lake Louise caught by George Howard, a 24 pounds - 12 ouncer, in 1976.
For a homely fish it sure was good eating, while remembering what fun we had at Lake Louise last summer, on a cold winters day.


Anonymous said...

Don't judge a book by the cover, right? Jimmy

Kiana said...

Man, you are always cooking up good stuff. I think you should host a blog party and cook for all of us bloggers who are always teased with the pictures!!! MMMM that looks good.