Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Shoup Bay Trailhead

Thanks to the snowmachiners we have a packed trail that I can walk on without snowshoes. This was as far as I made it today. Tomorrow I will come better prepared and see how far we can go. Roxy is raring to go to the beach!


Kiana said...

Hey Kathy,

Just stopped in to wish you and the Mr a Happy Valentines!

FishTaxi said...

Thanks Kiana! You too!

Barb said...

So much snow! Thank goodness it's pretty nice here. 70's tomorrow for a couple of days. I talked to my sister yesterday and Brian and Mitchell are having another baby. I do hope it's a boy this time. They have 3 girls. Girls are nice!

It's freezing cold in Wisc...Ill...etc. Glad I'm here.

The snow is pretty to look at when I'm sitting at my computer with the door open!