Friday, February 02, 2007

Nanooks Win Tonight!

Thats right folks! BIG WIN in Fairbanks tonight against the Miami (Ohio) Redhawks! 2-1 in overtime. I don't have the game stats yet but I think Wylie Rogers had 34 saves and came within 23 seconds of a shut out. I know Kyle Greentree scored and Aaron Lee got the game winning goal. My sister called from Fairbanks, as they were leaving the Carlson Arena, with one question: Was I wearing my #34 Alaska Nanook jersey? I answered "No, I didn't even take it off the shelf." She told me to leave it up there the rest of the season. It seems when I wear it they lose. And we can't have that! They play in Fairbanks again Saturday night. GO NANOOKS!
We are getting the menu together for Super Bowl Sunday. I'm taking my DeLong deep fryer over to our friends who have a big house and a BIG tv. I'm making egg rolls and my friends mom is making funnel cakes with it. She used to have a funnel cake stand in California. I am interested in how she makes them. I'm also making a pot of beanie weenies and a clam dip. Everybody is bringing something so it should be good and plentiful.
I don't care who wins the Super Bowl just as long as Mr. FishTaxi wins the $1000 board!


Anonymous said...

What a game!!! Mary & I are having our annual Super Bowl party here. Seven layer dip, little smokies, chips & homemade salsa. And the usual crowd, her & I.

FishTaxi said...

yummm, I wish I had some of your home made salsa! That was sooo good.

Another game tonight. Do you think Wylie is starting:)

Barb said...

Sounds like everyone is having parties tomorrow! I don't think
Dave is ready for a party!!

I went on the family blog but I cound't figure out how to add my stuff. Help Help Help!!!

My grandson is a great goalie!

judy said...

I think Wy's comming over to watch the game sunday. I haven't thought about food. Guess it's what ever a hungover kid will eat.

FishTaxi said...

If the Nooks win again tonight I think I'm gonna have a hangover tomorrow too! THats why I'm getting all the prep work done today.