Thursday, February 22, 2007

Stir Crazy

I made this navy bean soup yesterday. A fun thing to do on a blustery day. Then I proceeded to take pictures of it and through its course it changed colors.

I added a chopped up sweet potato to the soup along with a couple of carrots.

The carrots kept their shape but no sign of the sweet potato. Once again Mr. FishTaxi ate sweet potato without his knowledge.
I've got a lot accomplished being holed up this week. The brochure is almost completed and ready to go to the printer. I've reorganized my corner and the dishes are almost done!
I am going a little stir crazy.


Anonymous said...

All that and the Dishes too!Sometimes it's good to be stuck inside, I say. Jimmy

Barb said...

I went on the family blog and couldn't log on. Something about my cookies and something else. I followed the instructions but when I got to the picture of the stuff to change I didn't have it on my computer! I've been on for 1/2 hour and I haven't accomplished anything! Did my message get posted yesterday??

Anonymous said...

Yes it did Mom, Jimmy