Wednesday, April 11, 2007

FishTaxi's Spring Sockeye Salad

This is an opened can of my Peppercorn freshpack Copper River Red salmon. Fresh out of the ocean and into a can with only Peppercorns added. Look at the oil floating on top full of miracle Omega-3 fatty acids. I add the whole can to the salad. Skin and all. If you use canned salmon with the "bones in" that's even better for the added calcium. There are some bones in my canned salmon which after being pressure cooked theres no need to worry about choking on the bones.

I am getting low on canned salmon since I didn't can any last summer. Good thing the first run of the wild Copper River Red salmon is less than a month away. First commercial opener is May 7th this year! There is nothing like fresh Copper River Salmon. (Check out their prices. WOW)
I make my salmon salad just like you would your tuna salad. With ingredients that you like. I use Best Foods Mayonaise, onions, pickles, black and green olives or whatever I have on hand.


Anonymous said...

I remember looking into a pantry once saying, "there is nothing here to eat", and you looking into the same pantry saying "Wow, look at all this food" Jimmy

Riverbrat said...

My mouth is watering!

FishTaxi said...

Riverbrat, I think I saw a couple cans of my salmon in your pantry when I was there. Cook my brother up my salmon salad would yah? Love, Kath