Sunday, April 22, 2007

Throw FishHeads At 'Em

Fishy situation at Sullivan is all because of this man

Ron Tomblinson, lower right, tossed three fish heads onto the ice after Matt Shasby scored the first goal just just 1 minute and 35 seconds into the game. (BILL ROTH / Anchorage Daily News)

Alaska Aces fan Ron Tomblinson said the fish heads he was holding before Monday’s ECHL playoff game against the Victoria Salmon Kings would guarantee a victory. Sure enough, the Kelly Cup champions defeated Victoria to advance to the next round. (By BILL ROTH / Anchorage Daily News)

By BRIAN SINGLERAnchorage Daily News(Published: April 22, 2007)

Ron Tomblinson’s faithful companion at every Alaska Aces game for about the last five years hasn’t been his wife, lucky jersey or clanging cowbell.

It’s a black, hefty bag of (sometimes stinking) frozen fish heads that sits under
Seat 1, Section 120, Row 7 at Sullivan Arena.

Tomblinson’s job description is this — after the Aces’ first goal of every game, he stands up and chucks the basketball-sized heads over the Plexiglas in the general direction of the opponents’ bench and goaltender.

It’s the quaint Alaska touch for visiting players.

“Maybe it’ll rattle ’em a little bit,” Tomblinson said.

The tradition now nets the 46-year-old fan a season ticket, worth close to $600.

“I am more or less paid to throw it out,” Tomblinson said.

That’s the way it’s been for about five seasons and it gives Tomblinson a longer tenure with the organization than many of its players.

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