Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Love Nests

This blurry picture is of a flock of ravens at the end of my driveway taking flight when they see me coming with the camera. Lately, I've been taking Roxy to the end of the driveway to brush her. She is shedding BIG time. Huge fluffs which I let go into the air away from everything. The ravens are recycling Roxy's hair and making nests! I knew a woman who spun her dogs hair she brushed out into wool. I think of that when I'm brushing out Roxys pretty multi-colored hair. Its nice to know the ravens are making good use of it.

The eagles in this picture were having a convention outside the Valdez Senior Center. There must have been 20-30 eagles. Some couples were soaring high doing the mating ritual. Others were socializing and looking for food while the juveniles were imitating the grownups.


Anonymous said...

Do you remember when I came to visit you I was excited about taking pictures of the Bald Eagles and there were none around. Something about mating season? I need to come there and try again.

FishTaxi said...

Theres a nest that has been dormant for the last 3 years right across the street. It looks like its active again! Come on up!

Riverbrat said...

That's a new spin on recycling.