Sunday, April 29, 2007

New Toy Truck

Mr. FishTaxi flew up to Anchorage Friday night and bought me a new "to Me" Toyota truck! So I have wheels again! Look out world!


Anonymous said...

New heels and the tires look good too! Have Fun. P.S. Your blog won't let me comment as Jimmy.

judy said...

So does this mean you'll be driving to Fairbanks this summer?
Tanner was just talking about camping with you last summer. How you got his Nora Jones cd for him.

The log house at the end of our road burnt down last week. The owner was burning his grass, and the fire got away from him.
Five fire trucks on our road and Tanner was at his Grandma Reany's and missed the whole thing.

Would love to see ya, I only have S&S off, so doesn't look like I'll make it to Lake Louise.
Love ya

FishTaxi said...

oh bummer. THat was a beautiful log home. WHen I was camped down there I watched the old guy mow his lawn and weed whack. They must be devastated.

oh Judy, you gotta figure out a way to make it to Lake Louise. It won't be the same without you!

I can't wait to see Tanner and you guys this summer. You know I'll be up!

Riverbrat said...

Congrats on the new wheels. Looks great! Judy, sorry to hear about your neighbors home and that Tanner missed the excitment.