Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wild Blue Yonder

Sounds like a war is going on around here because Visiting pilots get taste of battle We have been hearing a lot of the action of the jets flying around but they are hard to see or take a picture of. So I photoshopped the above picture. So far in my photos the jets look like mosquitos flying high in the sky.
Operation Red Flag combat exercise goes on until April 21 with two more slated for this year. I will try and get a good picture.
Excerpt from the ADN story:
If you happen to see a dark gray jet take flight on the north side over the next couple weeks, and it looks, well, maybe a little more bumblebee than wasp, don't worry. Your eyes are OK.
That's a U.S. Navy Prowler, not a U.S. Air Force F-15.

Starting today, Alaska is playing home base to Red Flag, a big air-combat exercise that this year is bringing units from six states and two foreign countries to Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage and Eielson near Fairbanks. As well as the EA-6B Prowlers -- a wide-bodied fighter-size jet that seats a pilot and three weapons specialists -- Elmendorf will host a dozen or so additional F-15s and an E-3 AWACs.

Eight French Mirage 2000 fighters and four Navy F-18 Hornets will fly out of Eielson, and a couple of C-130s from Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona will fly out of Kulis Air National Guard Base. The exercise also will put a couple of B-1 bombers, a few KC-10 tankers and other aircraft into the vast 67,000-square-mile military airspace over Alaska for two-a-day simulated war games.

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Anonymous said...

One time Jeff Bergsma and I were boating on Lake Kecheles in the mountains. We shut off the motor, cracked a beer and was kicking back when a Navy Prowler buzzed us from maybe 300 feet above us, SCARED the crap out of us. I bet those guys laughed for an hour after that. Jimmy