Saturday, April 14, 2007

Top Dog

"The trailer: a 1963 Airstream, reconfigured as a frankfurter. The car: a vintage Checker cab, which proprietor Andrea Spaulding's husband completely restored, down to a ticking meter inside. The cuisine: hot dogs and nothing but." - comments and photo by Michael Stern,

The FishTaxi wants something like this only mine would be a Fish Taco instead of a frankfurter. The cuisine: "Fish Tacos and nothing but." I would drive it all over Alaska to festivals and various outposts. What a fun summer that would be!


Anonymous said...

That would be great, Kath. Not only will they want your tacos, but they would have fun shooting the shit with you. Jimmy

JD Plumma said...

A friend of ours that makes sausage has a king salmon bratwurst that you should try. Creative sort - that friend. Could you get more Alaskan?

Riverbrat said...

Fish tacos are me absolute favorite! Great idea Kath. I'll keep my eye out for a giant Tacomobile.

FishTaxi said...

I would love to try a King Salmon Bratwurst, JD. Where would I find it?

JD Plumma said...

I'll call our old buddy with the sausage. It never hurts to catch up on old times.

Barnesy said...

Hello Kathy this is Jason Barnes, with Barnesy's Grilled Sensations. Just checking out your blog, pretty cool.

I would also like to hear more about where to get the salmon brats, sound great!

We used to to fish tacos, on the grill, kept it Mexicanly simple with grilled Copper River Kings or Reds, grilled onion and a little garlic with a generous amount of Cilantro, homemade green salsa and lime. Excellent!

We also do our invention, the "Copper River Pita" Grilled Copper River Salmon, onions, garlic, sundried tomato's all grilled in sesame oil, topped off with romaine lettuce, vine ripe tomatos, feta cheese and drizzled with a homemade vidalia onion dressing. Trust me they are almost famous and out of this world.