Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Bridge to Gold

Drove out towards Mineral Creek Canyon for the first time since the flood. The stop sign is the view coming back after I turned around back towards town. It was still snowy and muddy on the road to the bridge. We are all curious about how the bridge fared. Rumors are its not even there after the Valdez Flood in the fall of 2006. I'll keep you updated.


Kiana said...

You should be a tour guide Kathy, you always coming up with the neatest places to blog about. We're planning to come down to Valdez sometime this summer (hopefully), before I come, I'm gonna bug you about all the neat places to go see. This one sounds super neat, and I can't stop thinking about the old main road that's all grown in. We'll have to have lunch together or something!

Now you have me curious about whether this bridge is still there or not.

FishTaxi said...

That would be wonderful to meet you & Prudhoe Man! I would love to set you up with fun things to do and see in vdz.

Wayne said...

Jumping in here rather late, but is the bridge still there? Last I saw it was in 1977 just before I left. IIRC, it was a single-lane bailey bridge.

Thanks for the photos!