Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fishing on the dock in the bay

Valdez city dock has been made more user friendly since the new ferry dock was built. This year a handicap access dock is in the works. Now that the "eye sore" smelly fish plant is gone there is a lot more room on the dock. The cannery, Nautilus, moved their operation to Whittier after the city backed out of their 99 year lease. Problem is since the fish plant is gone so are the herring you used to be able to fish for right off the dock. The herring now hang out outside Valdez's only fish proccessing plant, PeterPan Seafoods, Inc., on the other side of the harbor where you need a boat to jig. You should still be able to land pink salmon off the city dock in July at high tide.

The old cannery will be torn down this summer. I'll get before and after pictures.

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