Friday, May 04, 2007

Gardening in the Valdez Rainforest

A fun thing to do on a windy cold Friday afternoon in early May in Valdez is to venture out to 10 mile Richardson Hwy to Gilpatricks Greenhouse. Every Friday afternoon since St. Patricks Day volunteers from the Valdez Senior Citizen Center have gone out to help plant the starts.

This old dump truck makes a great lawn ornament in turquoise blue.

According to Tillie Wonder, who wrote the book Gardening in the Valdez Rainforest, greenhouses are your friend.


Kiana said...

That dump truck looks fierce, I love it!

Coldfoot said...

(How I would have captioned the truck)

Last spring we planted a Radio Flyer, by the fall harvest it was too big to take to the fair.

So it sits.

Anonymous said...

All we have are those birds standing on one leg! Jimmy

FishTaxi said...

Found out today the truck is from Wayne Blondeau's old gold mine out in Mineral Creek. AND IT STILL RUNS!