Saturday, May 12, 2007

Valdez Fly-in Air Show

Went out to the Air Show today since we are not going fishing til Sunday permitting. Yesterday was nice so we had a weinie roast last night and burned some brush and alder bushes we are clearing off our land. As you can see today was cold, cloudy and windy. This is a picture of one of those little one man helicoptors participating in the flour drop. The fixed wing aircraft below see how close they can drop a flour bag at the target.

This little kid brightened up the day!

Indian Valley Meats had a mobile kitchen there serving up their wares.

I had the Reindeer Polish Dog and loaded it up with all the condiments.
And now I have a tummy ache.


Anonymous said...

That looked like a fun way to spend the day. Jimmy

judy said...

Fun, I love planes....And no rain,
it's coming down like cats and dogs here. But we nn it.