Monday, May 14, 2007

Windshield Time

Got a killer deal on the already sliced mushrooms so I got a bunch and dehydrated them. The watermelon, I didn't even look at the price, and bought it. It tasted wonderful. I like my watermelon with Johnny's Seasoning salt on it.
I started a new job when I got the truck. Part of my job is shopping! I get paid to shop. I'm in both grocery stores, both hardware stores and the second hand store almost daily. I also get paid to go to the post office every day. I'm a caregiver and chore worker for the ederly. I had to go get fingerprinted at the cop shop today. $20 bucks. Then another $120 for the internet background check. After all that I have to take a First Aid/CPR class this Sunday afternoon. I have weekends off but the class is at the Fire Dept instead of the college for a much cheaper price. Then I should be done paying to work.
Its fun though and I liked my first paycheck. I'm making more than I was at the college and I get a lot of windshield time. It was a "windshield wipers on" all day kind of day.


Anonymous said...

It's nice to be able to drive around while you work and not be stuck in some room all day. Cool job, Kath! Jimmy

Riverbrat said...

Congrats Kath, sounds like the perfect job for you.

Kiana said...

Congratulations on your new job Kathy! I forgot to comment on your new vehicle post back when you debuted the truck too. Toyota's are great aren't they?? Your Truck looks snazzy, definitely a good pick. We just sold the Audi and got a Toy, we love it.

Whatever happened to that beefed up chevy you guys had?

FishTaxi said...

We still have the beefed up Chevy. Mr. FishTaxi drives that. I am having fun driving the Toy truck. Good on gas and I can load a bunch of stuff in the back. And a lot easier to get in and out than that lifted truck for the old folks.