Friday, November 25, 2005

Going to Girdwood

Captain Cook would be appalled at this map. Searching for the Inside Passage the Resolution turned into Cook Inlet then turned again into Turnagin Arm. Another dead end.

I am fascinated with Captain Cook. Not because of the mutiny or his demise on the Hawaiian Islands. Its the fact that he named Prince William Sound. The navigator for that trip was Bligh whom Bligh Reef was named after. A chartered rock that the Exxon Valdez ran into over 200 years later.

My comments sure have gone down since I changed the url to FishTaxi instead of my name.

And working 40 hrs a week has interrupted my computer time considerably. But I was sure happy with my paycheck today.


Ginna2NC said...

It's bad when work or school cuts into computer time. I miss my laptop so bad. I got so comfortable sitting in a comy chair and surfing the web. I hope after I go back to work, I can save enought to get another one. After a year of me and a teenager who liked it better than me, the screen went out. I took it in to the computer shop and he said it would be cheaper to get another one. I don't think it will be a HP, there has to be laptops out there that last longer than 13 months.

Janis evans said...

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