Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pennies from Heaven

The picture is of pennies from heaven from a few years back that I took. But, this is how it looked tonight. My cool Chevy is on the left. Notice that we use snow brooms around here. We don't mess around when it comes to snow. Always reminds me of Dr. Suess's "The Cat in the Hat". In the book, by the time mom comes home, the long path is shoveled neatly. Thats what the FishTaxi's town looks like after plowing, blowing and shoveling.

Why do we call them pennies? From all the money you can make plowing, blowing & shoveling. To spend on snow boards, snow machines and gas to head for the mountains to play in the snow. yippppeeee!

I hope we get 50 ft this year.


Marty said...

As long as you keep it down there you can have your 50 ft. of snow. We used to shovel snow off of roofs for money when we were kids, we made good money at it too.

Heidi said...

At least where i'm not sure snow is in the future...we got rain on top of the 1/4 inch we got. Now we need ice skates.