Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Who is Joey Chestnut?

From a hamburger today.

Love those guys blog. Its like taking a trip and never leaving the farm. They live in New York City and go around town to all the hamburger joints. Taking pictures, giving reviews and anything to do with hamburgers like this:

Kobayashi Wins the Krystal Square Off

Entry by Matty | November 21, 2005 | Link | E-mail This Entry

20051121_kobayashi-krystal.jpgAre you surprised? No, not that we actually posted, but that Takeru Kobayashi won yet another competitive eating competition. According to the official report, it seems that Kobayashi was actually behind the majority of the time. Impressive, young padawon.

Japan's Takeru Kobayashi consumed 67 Krystal hamburgers in eight minutes to win the 2005 Krystal Square Off World Hamburger Eating Championship in Chattanooga, TN.

To the amazement of the more than 2,000 fans gathered in Chattanooga for the event, San Jose's Joey Chestnut was in front of Kobayashi for the bulk of the contest. At one point Chestnut led by as many as 6 Krystals but finished 5 behind Kobayashi, losing ground in the final seconds of the Square Off.

Sonya Thomas finished third with 56 Krystals and Bob Shoudt took 4th with an impressive 51.

This year's square off offered a whopping $22,500 purse. Kobayashi took home the top prize of $10,000 cash, the Krystal World Champion's Belt, the champion's crystal trophy and the title of Krystal Square Off World Hamburger-Eating Champion.

For American eating fans, however, the story was 21-year old Joey Chestnut. He is the first eater to ever lead Kobayashi through a contest and to be well within range to beat him.

Who are you, Joey Chestnut? According to his IFOCE official profile, he is a rookie this year who has come on strong. In fact, he placed third in the annual Nathan's Hot Dog-Eating Contest. I'm impressed.

Oh, and I completely realize that photo of Kobayashi is freaky and not from this competition. You must admit though, that it is better than the played out "I'm-holding-a-gargantuan-fake-check photo". If you want that, IFOCE has it.

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