Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm Free!!

There is a job opening for Custodian at Pdub now that I flew the coop. It all came to a head (literally) yesterday at 11:40am. Read on for the grizzly details and the poop scoop.

Last week I put in a work order to fix the toilet in the handicap stall of the womens bathroom. Everyday there was a present in there for me because it doesn't flush right. It takes 7, maybe more, flushes and who besides the custodian is going to flush the toilet that many times in a public bathroom.

When the maintenance guys wanted me to unplug the toilet, because they didn't fix the toilet,(which they thought they did and marked it off as done on the work sheet) and it plugged up yet again. This time with a tampon!?! the woosies freaked out and decided I had to do the dirty deed. Three maintenance guys, getting paid up to twice as much as me, and none of them can fix a toilet right so I have to do it? I said no way and they started crying "its your job!" When they broke down and did it and found out it was the wrong vacuum breaker for the flush valve that was causing the problem they were heros in their own mind.

I was happy it was fixed right and cleaned the bathroom and continued cleaning when the lead maintenance man came into the mens bathroom where I was working and said "its part of your job to unplug toilets, shovel snow and strip & wax the floors. We've been lenient and helping you with these tasks so..."

I couldn't hear any more crap. Turned my keys in, cleaned out my locker, grabbed my sandwich I brought for lunch out of the fridge and left. Never to look back.

The President did call me to see if I calmed down enough to come in for a meeting to get my job back. I thanked him and said it was time for me to move on. Asked if I could use him as a reference and he said certainly. I was going to be missed.

Not sure what I'm going to do now besides turn my house into a cannery and go get some fish!


Heidi said...

I hate it when those things happen... I hope you are feeling good about your choice. I would say its mainace guys job... but even my plumber doesn't do cloggs. Enjoy canning your fish and another job will come along!!!

Anonymous said...

Kathy Kristina!
I can't believe it!
Well, that makes two of us. I will reply to your email soon. As you know, i always keep up with your BLOG.

Newmania said...

Way to go, FISHTAXI!

"Work your fingers to the bone, whaddaya git? Boney Fingers! ... boney fingers."

Love the blog, keep it up - Have fun on your trip.