Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Under the Boardwalk

Down by the Sea

Beautiful day in Prince William Sound. Took a hike around Dock Point with Roxy and rested on the lookout park bench. Did some serious thinking and soul searching. Decided I needed to take this opportunity of unenjoyment and go to the inpromptu Wheathole concert in Talkeetna Friday night! DANNY SCHMIDT!!! and other local Alaskan indie artists!! Then Saturday continue on up the Parks Hwy to Fairbanks and visit family and some good friends who are moving to California on Monday. Then back down the Richardson to Tonsina in time for my sister's 50th birthday! We are the same age for 6 days and its been a long time since we've spent our birthday week together. When we were kids we would dress up as twins. I'm still working out the details but I know I can make it happen. Take a little break before I look for work. I can check on fish on my way back, too. Mr. Fishtaxi won't be surprised when I lay my plans on him tonight.

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Niki said...

These are spectacular photos sister! That's a sweet little digital. I love your plan. breakfast's waiting... did you pass nord on the road?