Thursday, July 20, 2006

One Tough SUV

Last night, at the going away dinner, a co-worker asked if anybody had seen this duct-taped/cardboarded SUV around town. Nobody had at the time but we talked about the driving the haul road. It runs north of Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean. A few years ago the state of Alaska took over the maintenance of the Dalton Hwy. The Dalton Hwy or Haul Road was built first for the construction of the TransAlaskaPipeline. Since the state took over, it opened to the public and many adventurous souls have taken the road since.

Then who pulls into Pdubs parking lot this afternoon but the guy driving the duct-taped/cardboarded SUV. He said he took it slow, had no flat tires and it was an adventure of a lifetime. Valdez to Prudhoe Bay and back SOLO. He also said he got lonely at times and kept on talking but I had to get back to work. Not until I snapped some pictures first.


K said...

Wow, that is crazy. Ha ha, That 4runner looks like its in good shape, duct-tape can't be good for a paint-job. How funny though. Bet he turned a lot of heads cruizin around town.

Heidi said...

Way too cool....I want to drive to Prudhoe Bay!!

FishTaxi said...

kiana - your right about the duct tape. He's going to get a surprise when he pulls it off...the paint will come with it and leave sticky stuff. I know because one winter in my old dodge station wagon the back door wouldn't shut so I duct taped it shut. Left scars!

heidi - Lets go! I've been as far as Toolik in an 18 wheeler. Lots of fun!