Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The coolest thing

happened to the FishTaxi last night. I get home from work about 7:10pm. Instead of my usual 10:10pm. First thing I do is log on and get Whole Wheat Radio going. Then I put the wax mop I brought home from work in the washing machine. I get a Hamms beer from outside on the porch and settle in and take my money makers off.

When all of a sudden JimBob & Esther start talking about my blog! On Whole Wheat Radio! Esther read the Maid in Alaska entry on the air and laughed her great laugh. JimBob read part of the Pennies from Heaven entry. How cool is that?

What they liked about my blog was the pictures and that its written like a real person with no agenda.

JimBob cracked me up when Esther Golton read the "On a three hour tour. Come along for the ride." He started singing the Gilligan's Island theme song. He got my drift!

Later on in the chat, where listeners of Whole Wheat Radio can go and request songs, draw in the drawing room and socialize in real time. All the while listening to WWR on the internet. You can also leave wheat grams that play on the air after the song. I just heard the one I called in on New years eve 2005. No surprise I sang the Hamms beer commercial diddy.

Tune in!


Heidi said...

Air time to boot....wow you must have the conections.

Anonymous said...

Too cool Fish Taxi. I'm proud of you.

Sistah Sue

Ms.M said...

That's cool, you radio star.

FishTaxi said...

Thanks heidi, ms.m and sistah sue for bearing with me bragging. I did do my own Public radio show for years. "Moonlight Waves" every Monday night. 7pm til whenever the beer ran out.