Friday, December 09, 2005

Dream House

Isn't it charming? The second floor balcony would have a view of Valdez Bay. You can see the water standing on our roof now. Once you get above the alders or snowbanks.

There won't be a window that you'll look out of that you won't see a mountain.

Our plan is to put the foundation in this summer. Pay cash for that, then later on, get a construction loan and build it ourselves.

We live in the shop now. Started out bare bones on an acre of land living in a cabover camper. It was the 4th of July week-end 1990. We bought the property from the original homesteader. We worked for him at his gold mine at the time.

First thing we built was an outhouse. Then our Rockett dogs house. Before that first winter we purchased a 33ft trailer and added a 12x18 wannigan. Since then I've moved my kitchen 3 times as we got rid of the trailer and built additions. For 5 years we lived off the grid. Then electricity came down the street. Along with it lots of neighbors. But it was worth it. The outhouse days and hauling water were over.

The beauty of our little place now is that we own it. Other than that its a shack and I'm ready to start building my dream house.


Anonymous said...

Wow Fishtaxi that is a beautiful home. That should keep you going to work everyday.

Namaste sister

Heidi said...

It is pretty-ful...I realy like. I can totaly picture it looking over the water.