Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Zen & the art of vacuum cleaner maintenance

Ever since I installed the Norton anti-virus corporate edition my computer isn't doing what I want it to do. Here are a few irritating items.

Ctrl-N command does nothing
Some links open and some links don't
I can't access my bank account
I can't add an image to my blog

I use Mozilla/Firefox as my browser and a few days ago downloaded their updates. My ISP is a dial-up account that gives me grief with sending email. Have Windows XP as my operating system and a new Dell. ( Seriously thinking about DSL since the price went down. It will only cost me $20 more a month than I'm paying now and I can use my land line number again.)

Need to figure out whats up. The IT guy at work who gave me the Norton is in Japan for the holidays. I do have his cell phone number but that would be rude to call him. Hopefully I can figure it out before next year?!?

I am getting Whole Wheat Radio so I'm not going completely gonzo over these trying computer learning times.

Came up with the title of this entry while I was vacuuming at work tonight. With no images to show I figure I need catchy titles:)

Lets see if this posts.

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