Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Old Faithfuls

What a great picture of the FishTaxi's home can sealer and the American ingenuity of it all. Its electric, not a hand cranker, which takes 7 cranks per can. I have one as a back up or if I'm somewhere with no electricity.

The history of canning salmon goes way back. The wild days of fishing, at this time, are few and far between. More now since the USA/Canada Dispute over whose fish was whose was fought and we all lost.

I think off-shore (4-mile limit) pirateers are snagging the fish. For a million years nobody knew where the salmon went. All they knew was they came back every year up the same river. And I hear there are giant squids out there.

A King Salmon is gone for 5 years. A Sockeye is gone for 4 years. When the CRRs (Copper River RED sockeyes) come back they are the first wild run of fresh salmon to the markets of the world somewhere around May 15th.
What the commercial gillnetters fishing the mouth of the Copper River get is prime and the price is worth it. Where ever you are.

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