Sunday, December 11, 2005

Maid in Alaska

Working 40 hours a week (cleaning a small college) has taken its toll on cleaning my own damn house. I spent all day Saturday trying to whip this place into shape. Then we had a deepfry party last night. I deep fried venison strips, french fries and salmon fritters. Green bean casserole & my famous tarter sauce on the side. And lots of Hamms beer and dirty martinis. It was fun and I love deepfrying for friends. We'll have to do it again soon.

Took my old computer over to my little buddy Dale's house for his new own room today. We decided it was an old piece of crap (wouldn't even take the Norton anti-virus) so next weekend we are taking it and their other old computer out to the firing range and shooting them to pieces. Told his dad to buy him a new Dell.

The next two weeks I work from 10am-7pm. It will be nice to get off 3 hours earlier for some evening time. I have a lot of special deep cleaning projects planned for this time while school is out. First on my list is stripping & waxing the bathroom floors. They look like crap right now. The custodian before me waxed over the dirt and scruff marks. yup, he was a man. heehee

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Ms.M said...

I know what you mean, who wants to clean after a long day of work. The only time I feel like cleaning is when I have motivation, like a date.