Friday, February 10, 2006

Where will the children playay...

Snapped this pic in a parking lot in town. I know the guy and he doesn't mean no harm to children or animals. It was dark under a light pole and I was happy with the picture.

I got my assignment for the first project in Photoshop. The instructor set up a web page. All I can do is read it in my book before class on Monday as I don't have the software loaded on my computer at home. I was going to try and sneak in there at work and no...too busy working. With the sun shining you could see all the dust I was ignoring.

Funny thing: I've been cleaning mouses, keyboards and phones at work. I ask them, when collecting their trash, if they want it done and some people prefer to do it themselves. Fine with me. But, office people, your desk needs to be cleaned by a professional once in a while.

Last night I dusted the top dog's office and cleaned his phone. I hate dusting and especially knick-knacks. Not too bad if you use those swiffer mitts. For cleaning the phone I use a toothbrush damppened with a disinfectant. The phone is the push button office type phone and it quit working. I thought, well, maybe it will fix itself by morning. Turned out the next morning when the top dog's office lady came in the clean phone was ringing and ringing and ringing. She couldn't stop it from ringing!

By 10am they'd called the IT guy (Employee of the Month!) and he came in and in 2-seconds it was fixed. It wasn't the freshly cleaned phone. It was a system failer.


First Blogger said...

Hello, good text

MFG First Blogger

Anonymous said...

Hey Fishtaxi,

Wish I had someone to clean my desktop. Its GROSS!!!

Later mate,

Sistah Sue

FishTaxi said...

I found out that doll is Builder Bob and the guy found it at the dump and his wife wouldn't let him give it to his grand kid so he put it on his front grill.