Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Fudge It! Its February!!!

Sorry about the F word in the title of my first post in Feb. February might be the shortest month of the year but its the longest month in Alaska.

Three more months until the first of May! Hooray! Hooray!

In the meantime buried in snow, leaning up against the box truck, is the FishTaxi's paddleboat.

Its not all mine. I have partners.
We got another partner last summer because she has a trailer thats perfect for hauling our paddleboat. She has the trailer leaned up at her place. This year we will make it a "legal" trailer with license & lights. The trailer is nice because its small enough that you don't have to back it in anywhere. Just unhitch and move the trailer on human power. All you need is a vehicle with a hitch to pull it. I need a dropdown hitch to pull it with my truck.

Whats cool about the paddleboat is you don't need gas, know about engines and 2 people can lift it.

Last summer two of us planned to paddle out to Gold Creek. Launched at the small boat harbor and I clocked our speed on my Garmin GPSr. A mile and a half an hour at tops. 4 miles to Gold Creek. We get to the breakwater and were forced to go port instead of starboard to Gold Creek by the waves. Turned the corner, got out on land and went back and did it again and again and again...

I love seeing kids captaining the boat. Thinking for themselves, working together and getting exercise at the same time. No smelly fumes. No noise. No costly mechanical failures. No slip or drydock fee. No men needed. No title. No registration. No seatbelts. No insurance. No shit.

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K said...

Paddle boats rock. There use to be a guy who rented them in Anchorage at a lake on Baxter rd, we use to have so much fun doing that. I haven't seem him there in a few years, which is a bummer. Last time a group of us went Marty and one of his buddies shared a boat and turned into little devils. The last thing they did was try to paddle up a beach, the poor paddle boat was never the same.