Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Pulled Over Tonight

By Valdez Finest.

Get this. The reason I was stopped was for no "anti-spray devices" on my lifted truck.

Was on my way home from work, stopped at the store, and realized I didn't have my wallet with my bank card in it. I had some cash and picked up a few things anyway. Didn't even cross my mind that I also didn't have my Drivers License on me.

I see the cop on one of the side roads coming from the opposite side of town. He turns and follows me and a few minutes later I see the lights. By this time its 11:15 pm after a hard days night and I wonder what the hell. Do I have a tailight out or something.

I roll down the window and the cop shines his flashlight in my face. This is where I like my lifted truck being up high. He says "Didn't I just see you somewhere?" Small town. I answered "Were you at the college?" He said "No, I saw you at the store." I said "yah, thats where I realized I'd left my Drivers License at home." Then he asked for my truck insurance and luckily I keep that in the glove compartment. I hand that to him and he goes and comes back and says they are going to do two things. And since it was cold I could stay in my truck.

1. Give me a citation (fix-it ticket) for no mud flaps. I have a week to have them put on and take down to the cop shop and show them. Otherwise its a $70.00 fine.

#2. They were doing routine checks with the dope dog.

He sniffs around the outside of my vehicle twice with the window rolled down and the second time around the cop clicked his fingers in my face and I looked down at the dog and he kept on going. It was a Lab and I always thought cop dogs were German Shepards. (Rin Tin Tin)

Then the cop asked me if I smoked marijuana. I answered "not today." Then he questions me if I had any marijuana in the vehicle and I said "no, I don't think so." He said "well, you should know. Its your vehicle."

Got home late and Mr. FishTaxi was waiting up worried about me. I hadn't called and he thought the truck broke down or something until I handed him the ticket.

He's my Chevy man and he'll put flaps on and take it down and show those cops for me.

I'd rather not see them again!

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Newmania said...

Sux to get a ticket like that. The cops in Valdez are BAD. My favorite ticket was for having too many people in the cab of my truck - three is the legal limit.

Great work on the blog and let us know how the photoshop class is going. You know - I taught one there a few years back and I'd be glad to help you if I can.