Saturday, January 14, 2006

Rockett Dog - I miss you

Rockett was my junkyard dog. He spent the first part of his life on a chain in the towing company's yard. I remember seeing him there and feeling sorry for him. When they left town I got Rockett before he went to the pound. His name was Patches then. I didn't like that name so with his new life he got a new name. He could pull my arm out of its socket when walking him on a leash. Plus, he loved to chase bottle rockets.

The first picture is of Rocket in his hole. He loved that hole and its still there. The second picture is of him under my bed where he slept every night. If you look close there is a bonus picture of Little Sistor in it. She liked hanging under the bed with Rockett Dog. When I snapped the picture, I didn't know she would be in it, too. The third picture was taken right before he shook the snow off.

Rockett was full of personality. He liked to lay in the middle of the street. Luckily, we live on a dead-end street and were the last place on the road at the time. He would herd the cars into the driveway. He hated the cops and loved to pee on their tires. Some surveyors sprayed him with orange paint one time and he had orange stripes for quite a while. He was allowed in all the bars because he was good and could handle his drinking very well.

He would get embarrassed when we would have him shaved the beginning of summer and hide under my bed for a week. He always shared his food with the birds who hung around him constantly. He liked stealing rich dog's chewing bones. Once, he stole the neighbors dog's fancy food/water dishes right off their porch. After that incident anything that went missing over there they would call and ask if Rockett had their hammer etc.

I sure loved that dog and miss him. I'm patiently waiting for another dog like Rockett to find me.


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Heidi said...

That first picture looks like our dog barley. Is it really okay to shave them? People have suggested we shave him but I am afraid that it will not grow back. Oh and he would look so sill with out all his fluffy hair, but my vacuum would appreciate it.

FishTaxi said...

Rockett was prone to mange the older he got. I couldn't brush it out and it stunk to high heaven! It was amazing how fast it grew back out. We'd have it done around the first of June.

Dang, how did that spam come through.