Thursday, January 26, 2006

Alaska Sunshine

Stop by and check out my friends new blog at

She's a talented digital photographer. Gets up early to take pictures of the sunrises from her roof. She's also into 35mm and taking a Photography class and will be developing her own black & white film. I'm looking forward to seeing her B & W project along with photos of beautiful Alaska on her very own blog.

Alaska Sunshine is the friend who picked up my new Nikon Coolpix 5600 at Best Buy in Anchortown last weekend. I've been reading the manual, taking pictures and getting to know the bells & whistles. It even takes short videos!

This week has been brutal. Hovering above zero with a wind chill factor making it minus zero. I'm on the north Gulf Coast but the Interior of Alaska has been down to -50 and below. Then somebody ripped off my sled at work Wed. nite. I usually leave it outside with a couple bags of trash on it waiting for the last bag to come out of the Wellness Center (gym) but that night it was out there empty and it walked off. The reason it was empty was it was so cold outside I put the trash bags in the shop because I thought "why go out side?" I was in the other end of the building washing chalkboards and got a premonition about my sled. Sure enough when I went to take the trash it was gone! It was weird. Then I had to take two trips to the dumpster carrying the trash, in the freezing ass cold, instead of one trip pulling. Luckily, the store still had more and the college reimbursed me the $17.99.

My new, new sled has PWSCC stenciled on it and I won't be leaving it unattended. I took a picture of it tonight loaded down, and once I dl the picture program I'll post it, in all its glory.

Stay warm everybody and thanks for the kudos on my 100th post.

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