Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dishwasher Wanted

Its Saturday night and I'm listening to UAF Nanook hockey on the internet while doing a weeks worth of dishes. Can't seem to get them done during the week.

We've got 3 feet of snow so far and they are calling for 4 more feet by Sunday night. My friend is stuck in Anchortown, with my new digital camera, at least til Monday as the plane ain't flying in this. Thompson Pass has a blizzard advisory out and could close so driving back is out of the question.

UAF Nanooks 2 Ohio State Buckeyes 0 at the end of the second period.

This is not a Photoshopped picture. Its my friends real hair flipped over her nieces head!

That was my 200 watt speaker on my stoop. The cops clipped my wings when they told me "somebody was going to jail if they had to come back one more time for a loud music complaint." I only have one 200 watt speaker and no 200 watt amp now. One neighbor was complaining. He called the cops to report a porcupine was in the neighborhood. What could I do but get headphones.


update - my friend got a ride and made it back to town with my new digital camera and is on her way over here with it!


Heidi said...

What a great picture, it better then any doctored ol' photo shop photo.

I am glad your camera made it to town, now don't go causing trouble that will bring the local authorities...or rebal:)

Alaska Sunshine said...

I think this is a great photo. You can look at it for ten minutes and not get bored. I actually did that the other night!