Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bear Bread Stump Action

Got a hit on my geocache Bear Bread Stump the other night when a cacher left an interesting travel bug I had to check out. A retired NASA engineer left a Columbia Space Shuttle medallion that needs to find its way back to Cape Canaveral. I hope a travelling cacher takes it on its way south before the snow flys. Otherwise it could be dogged down for the winter. I took a picture of it and while I was there I checked out the log book. Since 2003 its half full of visitors from around the world. A special log entry to me was the one pictured from the original homesteader's wife. Click on the picture and you can read the entry.

Spent this pouring down rain day getting ready to head up north. There was a short break of torrential downpour where I heard a plane fly in. Took that opportunity to check out my cache. My new boss-lady called when I got back. She wants me to pick up fresh halibut from Peter Pan Seafoods and some booze from Three Bears. I'll have room because I don't need to bring any camping equipment.

I'm not leaving yet and the last thing I'll pack up is my computer. Will blog one more entry from home for old time sake. I still have to get my absentee ballot from city hall, dog food for Roxy and my last paycheck (vacation pay!) from the college before I take off.

I'll have no problem posting from with wireless internet connection. woot!

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