Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Full Moon Birthday

photo by David M. Adams "Valdez Harbor Painted With Light"

My sister Niki and I are no longer 50/50! That was fun while it lasted!

We are planning on going paddleboating out of the small boat harbor and riding the breakwater waves again and again. I accidently answered the phone this morning and now I've got a job interview tomorrow at 10:30 AM. I need to bring a completed application, cover letter and resume with me. So I'm working on getting that done before I go out and play. The weather is overcast but its not raining.

David M. Adams photo was taken with a 35mm on a tripod. He's a local professional photographer. This is my favorite photo of his. Thanks Mike for letting me post it on my blog!


Heidi said...

Does this mean..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY FISH TAXI!!!! oh yeah....I love the photo!

FishTaxi said...

yah its my birthday FOR 25 MORE MINUT MINUTES!!