Saturday, August 05, 2006


Got home tonight in time for my One Year Wedding Anniversary! Had a great trip. Did everything I wanted to except make it to Talkeetna. Next time I will!

First 3 nights in Fairbanks I stayed in 3 different hotels with my friends who were moving out of the state. We had fun but Fairbanks won't be the same without them. After they flew out I went to my sisters place and camped on the Chena River for two nights. The first night Captain Tanner, my 5 yo grand-nephew, camped out with me. The next day we had a blast until Tanner got stung by a bee! On his chest this time. Earlier this summer he got stung on the lip. Poor little guy.

Bees are bad in Fairbanks this year. Beehives are everywhere. The bottom left picture is of a huge colony in the middle of a field. The one on the right and above (behind Tanner & Roxy) is right by where I camped. Captain Tanner was real brave to camp out with me.

They really need to do something about all the bees in Fairbanks. A 26 yo young man died this summer in Fairbanks from a bee sting. If you roll down your window at a stoplight bees fly in your car. I kept my camp real clean of food because food seemed to attract them.

Thank goodness Tanner wasn't alergic to bee stings. His mother is a nurse and gave him a Benadryl and he slept. In his own bed at home with screens on the windows.

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K said...

I hate bees, your one brave lady to sleep next to a whole nest.