Monday, August 14, 2006

FishlessTaxi Speculations

I've resigned to the fact that I probably won't be putting up any fish this year. At this point it seems highly unlikely. Its a good thing I have some canned sockeyes left from last years bounty. I put up a lot of fish last summer. Which is the whole point of putting fish in the can in the first place. Its good for 7 years.

Scoped out jobs all over the state today (thanks to the internet). Found one position thats right up my alley. Talked to Mr. FishTaxi about it tonight and he said "go for it!" I'll call them tomorrow and if they let me bring Roxy with me I'm ready, willing and available.

It will be a fun job for about six weeks, til the end of blueberry picking season, so I hope I get it. I should be able to get internet there and will bring my computer with me. I wish I would have got a laptop instead of a desktop for times like this. Maybe I should order one if I get the job. hmmm It's only 4 hours away from home so I could come back, visit Mr. FishTaxi and pick up my new laptop!

Its all speculation at this point. A term used with reference to business transactions to signify the investing of money at a risk of loss on the chance of unusual gain.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck kiddo! But just what will you be doing? Love to you and Tory, Mr. Fishtaxi too.
sistah sue