Sunday, August 06, 2006

Chena River Camp

Two glorious days and nights I spent camping on the Chena River in Fairbanks. My brother-in-law down the street from the river, Bill, loaned me his Cabela Sleep Mattress and boy was it comfortable. I've got to get me one before moose camp. $90.00 well spent for a good nights sleep camping. I could have stayed at their house but they understood me wanting to camp on the river. When they come to Valdez they like to camp on the water.

The Riverboat Discovery came by like clockwork up and down the river. Susan Butcher (RIP) Trail Breaker Kennels, were kittykorner from us, which is a famous tourist attraction on the river. I was sad to hear she passed on in Seattle last night from luekemia.

I wanted to stay another sunny day on the Chena River but I packed up camp and headed down to Kenny Lake and made it in time for my sisters 50th birthday. We are the same age right now. Fifty-fifty. Happy Birthday Niki!

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