Thursday, August 17, 2006

Poor Paddleboat Patty

Its after midnight and the last thing to pack up is my computer. Instead of waiting for the morning and going through my regular routine of checking the PIO, the ADN, Craigslist and who knows what else I'm unhooking tonight. This way I'll concentrate on the road ahead.

As much as I want to take Paddleboat Patty with me to Tangle Lakes I won't since its not my trailer she's high centered on let alone being illegal for the open road.

Paddleboat Patty has to stay here in Valdez and be a wading pool.

Next checkpoint for the FishTaxi will be from "Where the pavement ends and the wilderness begins".

Adios Amigos ~ FishTaxi


Niki said...

well too cool sister, I may just have to come visit you and Roxy! Mary Ann is out at Kantishna too, and she said the blueberrys are in abundance this year up there! I tried to email you but your address wasn't working. did you change emails? have a great time and I hope I see you soon. hugs

Anonymous said...

Are you there yet?

Sistah Sue

Anonymous said...

hello world!

For some reason I havn't been able to log into blogger and post.

I'm here and everything is fine.

Judy is coming down from Frbks this weekend and bringing me a wireless usb port so hopefully I'll be back to blogging soon.