Friday, August 25, 2006

The Blues are in!

See! It doesn't rain all the time. And sometimes theres a rainbow.

I'm on my sister Judy's laptop here at Tangle River Inn. (its not Tangle Lakes Lodge like I thought) After I get done posting I am going to order me a new laptop and send it to Fairbanks to my sisters house and she's going to bring it down here for me.

She came down for the weekend to go blueberry picking. We are the mecca for blues. The crans will be ready after the first frost in a couple of weeks. The low bush cranberries are as abundant as the blues on the Denali Highway.

My job is great. Its a busy Inn with tourists, locals and hunters. Caribou hunting going on now with moose hunting starting the first of Sept. Theres never a dull moment around here and now I got to get busy and order my new laptop then play my sister some crib.

Will be back posting regularly again soon!


Anonymous said...


Glad its all going great! I'm off to watch Jimmy play in his softball tournament.

Love you,
Sistah Sue

Anonymous said...

Softball update. Jimmy won two games this morning/early afternoon. Mom, Mary and I cheered him on. Yah he's smilin :)

Back for a 7:00 game tonight. Its at the same park that I walk to. I'll be walking down the same trail later today only heading in the other direction where Mom and Dave are in their RV. They arrived yesterday and leave for Vegas on Monday.

That's cool that Judy is visiting you at the lodge. It looks so beautiful there and those blueberries!!!! Wish I were there to pick some with you.

Love you,
Sistah Sue

Niki said...

Glad to hear the lodge worked out.. we know how they can be. Maybe I'll swing up this weekend. I may move to michigan and I can bring your stereo and dishes, etc up there or Tim will store them here for pick-up on your way home next month. He's offered to let me stay in one of his cabins for just elec all winter.. it's tempting, but it's not as lively as Chitina here. although I am geting in a lot of studying and writing time. I miss you and Roxy.