Saturday, September 02, 2006

Blue Skies

Mr. FishTaxi arrived last night forLabor Day Weekend and brought me my new laptop! So I'm sitting here at the Grizzly Bar using the wireless at the Tangle River Inn. Tonight when I was doing the dishes I had it set up on the counter listening to Whole Wheat Radio. The first time in over two weeks! I was in heaven. This will make the the next 18 days I have left here a lot more fun.

I don't have a lot of time to read blogs or blog though. Working in a lodge there is always something to do. I clean the cabins during the day then take an hour or so off to walk Roxy, take a shower then back up to do the nightly dish duty. I don't mind. Time is going by fast and I'm making money. The people here are nice and are hard workers so nobody is slacking.

The fall colors are changing daily and the views are incredible.

I hope everybody is doing well and I'll be back reading your blogs and answering emails soon. Time now to head to my cabin and get in some quality time with my man.


Niki said...

Made it back at 10pm. Stopped at Meirs and spent my whole paycheck (hehe) on a spark arrester, water jug, coleman stove (like Mr. Fishtaxi's!) and a nice tan waterproof tarp. Tim says he'll help me build gertee so I may stick around just for that!

I already miss you. It was great seeing the Fishtaxis. And it's sunny and warm here today too. yay.

K said...

Don't worry, there isn't much of any blogging going on. Enjoy the rest of your stay up there, it sounds fun.