Friday, September 08, 2006

Kitchen View

This is where I've been spending my evenings the last 22 days.

When I get done with the cabins I take a break til 6pm. I usually take Roxy for a walk then download my pictures. Since I forgot my camera software I have to download to my desktop then burn a CD to take up here to download to my laptop so I can post pictures here.

Down in my cabin I can't get wireless so I leave my laptop up here. My project at the cabin, on my desktop, is downloading all my CDs to my computer finally. I am still about halfway done. I have been keeping a daily journal since I got here. I call it my bitch book. I get it all out and its done and over with. Thats how I get along with everybody here so well and they all think I'm so nice. heheh

About 11pm is movie time. I watch the movies on my computer. The lodge has hundreds of DVDs for my choosing. Last night I watched The Notebook with James Garner and Gena Rowlands. It was wonderful and I'm going to watch it again tonight. It was that good.

I know how to have fun in the middle of nowhere!

12 more days to go.

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