Tuesday, September 26, 2006

FishTaxi's Hamburgers

Messed around in Photoshop this rainy afternoon. Dreaming of having my own mobile kitchen again. Before I started working at the college I wrote up my business plan. Then I got all into the 9-5 or in my case the 2-11 and put my hopes and dreams on the back burner.

Well, I'm back into it. I only need about 50 grand for a state of the art mobile kitchen stocked and ready to go. A new place opened up this summer in Valdez called Old Town Burgers and they made a killing. Inside scoop is they paid for the equipment and set up the first month in operation. That could very well be true.

While I'm down in the states next month I'm going to look around for a mobile kitchen. Or if anyone knows of a good one already in Alaska let me know. ANd if anybody wants to be a partner, silent or not, lets talk.

The name won't be FishTaxi's Hamburgers. The more I look at it...it just doesn't work.


Niki said...

Hey! There is a full bus-commercial kitchen sitting in JM's yard. He wants to lease it or sell it. His daughter set it up for their b&b and it's been sitting there ever since she left. I couldn't see inside cause it's under tarps, but it has 2 fridges, deep freezers, sinks... it's an old shell, cool looking box front style. Anyway you should come see it before the snow flies, and then come see me! Me and Tim are cutting the wood to frame my tent. I'm staying for the winter. Miss you!

FishTaxi said...

That must be Barb's Burger Bus. I saw it when she had it set up on the Klutina a couple of summers ago. hmmm interesting. thanks Nik!

I'll stop in on my way back from Angerschreech next Friday.