Friday, September 22, 2006

Saved by a Ford

With pictures to prove it. Mr. FishTaxi was right not to trust the Shitzubitchi. Coming down Thompson Pass it died and did not want to start. It ran fine before that and I even took the old road while the guys took the main road. We had walkietalkies in case I did break down.

My car wasn't the only breakdown. Coming out of Tangle Lakes on the Denali Hwy about 4pm the alternator went out in the Chevy. I booked to Paxson Lodge and called Napa in Glennallen and told them Aaron was on his way in his Ford (he dropped the pulley) and to please wait for him. He got there at 5:59 and the parts guy was shocked. He didn't expect him til 6:30 or so. I went back and told Mr. FishTaxi I would wait for them at Meirer's Lake Lodge where we had dinner and stayed the night.

So without the Ford we would have been dead in the water twice. What was weird was when we got back the Montero started right up. That thing is possessed.


Anonymous said...

That's why the people who know drive Ford Trucks! When I was just a youngster everyone I knew laughed when I bought my Chevy from Lucky Richardson. Kids!!! I'm glad you're home and safe, love from your Ford Truck Bro. in Boise.

Niki said...

What an expedition! Thank God for Mr. Fishtaxi. I'm leaving the Tercel in Anch for Nord, getting a ride back from the Needers (who says hi Kat!)

So what happens if/when Ford and Chevy merge?