Thursday, September 07, 2006

Home away from home

This is my little cabin at Tangle River Inn. Its pretty comfortable. Roxy even has her own bed!

I don't have my own bathroom but theres one not too far away. Small price to pay to have Roxy with me.

I get a salary, room & board, plus tips. Tonight we are all sitting around sipping blueberry brandy. We are booked through the next two weekends so my last couple of weeks should go by fast. I'm glad I came up here. Its a nice lodge with nice people and that can make all the difference in the world. They are already hinting at me to come back next year. I haven't committed yet but I am thinking about it.

Who knows where the fishTaxi will be next year?!?


Anonymous said...

That cabin is so sweet! Good for you. And all I can say is yum thinking of you drinking blueberry brandy.
Later mate,
Sistah Sue

Anonymous said...

Fishtaxi! Everyone is excited that you are coming to Boise! Jimmy made a great catch in the game tonight. Looks like he might have done some serious damage though to his hand. Hope not! He's got another game tomorrow.
Love you,
Sistah Sue