Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fly Me To The Moon

Took this pic yesterday. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. Today was nice and tonight Mr. Fishtaxi showed up. Without my Montero. Its sitting down at Paxon Lodge. It almost made it until the starter went out. He ordered one and it will be at Glennallen Napa Saturday. So its close!

Now, if it were a plane, I wouldn't even think of flying it unless in was in tiptop shape.

7 days to go!


Niki said...

Good thing all these troubles with the Montero are getting fixed before winter. I sure hope you get to go to Talkeetna. If I get a ride to anch (which i'm working on) you can use the celica.. it's running great and is good on gas.

hug the roxydog for me!

Niki said...

P.S. This picture is spectacular! You're in the contest league now for sure.